Now Telecom provides an easy to use alternative to SIP Fax, for customers that either have to or want to move.

Send your inbound faxes straight to your email inbox with Now Telecom vFax.
A simple, yet powerful solution to replacing your traditional-style fax machine. No Contract. Port your existing number (or get a new one)*

Now Telecom Fax to Email solution is the smart, modern-day solution for businesses that use fax services. Inbound faxes are sent to a dedicated number and are then forwarded to your inbox, allowing you read faxes on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or any device with email access.

vFax is perfect for businesses on the move and working remotely, no longer are your staff tied to the office fax machine. View and respond to important documents any time, anywhere.

*Charges apply

Features & Benefits

  • Get faxes via your mobile, laptop or tablet so you can do business anywhere

  • Respond faster with a reliable system that instantly emails you each message

  • Save money on maintenance, software, hardware, printer paper and ink

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