We offer a range of payment options to meet your requirements.

Monthly charges

On activation of your services with Now Telecom, there will be a pro-rata fee of the monthly amount to the end of the current calendar month, plus the Monthly Charge in advance.

For example: If you activate the service on the 10th of December, you will be charged 21 days worth of access fees (pro-rata) for the month of December and a monthly charge 1st January 31st January (one month in advance).

In this example the following charges will be included:

  • Pro-rata monthly plan charge for 10 Dec – 31 Dec
  • Monthly plan charge for the current month 1 Jan – 31 Jan

Late Payments

Payment of your account on time helps us improve our efficiency and provide a better service. Now Telecom may charge a late payment fee on overdue payments. Any payment received after the due date will be included on your next invoice. Please check all transactions and advise immediately if a mistake is found.

If you have difficulty paying your account on time, please call us to make an arrangement in advance.