Choosing the right telecom provider is an important step in improving your businesses communication channels. However, telecommunications is a big industry and is becoming more and more complex. Pre-supposing anything about the end solution, even if it’s a standard product like an office phone system, before making any attempt to understand your business plans and problems is a bad way to start.

Likewise, “You need MPLS. Have you considered SIP trunking? Or “Your business needs an IP-VPN solution for your remote sites,” Are all things to consider, but not the place your conversation should begin.

In the market today there are many players; from the carriers themselves to resellers, service providers and agents. Each have their pros and cons and finding the right supplier for your business can be confusing. Trying to find the right set up, office phone system or otherwise, for your business can also be extremely challenging.

Telecom providers that start with you, your business and your needs will be able to deliver an optimal solution. A provider that strives to get to know its clients and thoroughly understand their pain points will be able to customise service packages so they meet specific needs.

Look for a provider that will come to you and physically take a look at your current solution, equipment and assets. That’s important because items like office phone systems need to be inspected and prepared for if you are looking to make any changes to your IT&T systems.

Taking this approach will help you get the solution that best meets your business needs and ensures you don’t have superfluous frills and unnecessary services. Ask for line-by-line comparisons across multiple carrier solutions to be laid out in detail, this will help you make an informed decision.

Now providers have exceptional relationships with Australia’s leading carriers and vendors to deliver best-of-breed products and services to the business market. Our relationships allow us to provide clients with tailor made options suited to their needs.

With Now Telecom you tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience of someone who has been in the field for more than 20 years. We have experience dealing with multiple carriers in the market, and can tell you exactly how they really perform. Not the rosy picture they all want to paint for you. Who has the most reliable network? Who has billing problems? Who is going bankrupt? Who can make the desired install date? Which office phone system is right for you?

Whether we recommend a single or multi provider solution, you will have a single point of contact to deal with and a person who knows your account best. This means:

  • Effective resolution of issues
  • No finger pointing
  • Technology interoperability and a future-proof telecom network
  • Effective and scalable multi vendor relationships

Not every provider is a good fit for every company, and we are not constrained by one provider’s limitation, we will look for the best deal for your business. We don’t care which carrier or service provider is chosen, at the end of the day our goal is to ensure the most appropriate solution is the outcome.

We are dependent on your long-term satisfaction. If you are unhappy with a service we will help you work through issues. Let us do the telco battle for you and enjoy better service, the best pricing and tailor made solutions.

And if that means a new office phone system – you’ll get one because it’s what you need, not what we want to sell.