Choosing a telecommunication provider can present many challenges for small to medium businesses, especially when it comes to managed vs cloud providers. Are you getting the best value? Will the services you have give you what you need into the future? Are you getting live and local customer support

We’ve devised nine tips to to help you decide on the right telecom provider.

  1. Expand your options – sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, a telecom broker will introduce you to the latest, greatest, best of breed telecom and ICT solutions from multiple vendors.
  2. Get someone else to do the legwork for you – Brokers act as an assistant buyer, they take time to understand your business needs and preferences. They get to know your business really well and ensure they are fully across your goals, long-range needs, and how you make decisions and why.
  3. Minimise your costs – A broker will help to secure you the best outcome, and conduct a thorough bill audit to identify superfluous services. They will be able to negotiate on your behalf and can offer a comprehensive array of service and solution options.
  4. Unbiased opinion – When you work with a broker, you don’t have to listen to “The Company Story” for each carrier or service provider, as they tend to dress up their deficiencies. You get to hear the truth.
  5. Save time – Comparison shopping can be time consuming. Telecom brokers will do all the work for you, providing a one stop shop and that will give you time to dedicate yourself to what really matters: your business.
  6. Avoid trouble – Keeping up with multiple carriers and vendors can be a nightmare, brokers consolidate as many technologies as possible to keep your communications advanced and readily connected.
  7. Enjoy a fully tailored solution – every company is different and technology needs vary. Get the best solution for your needs now and into the future.
  8. Stay up to date – Brokers know what’s going on in the telecommunications industry, so they can better deal with the rules and regulations that come along with setting up and managing a telecom system for a business.
  9. Single point of contact – don’t underestimate this one. If anything goes wrong (and at some point it will), having one number to call regardless of where the problem is within your network, is bliss. At Now Telecom, a real person will answer your call, they’ll be sitting down the road in South Melbourne and they will know your solution. If they can’t fix the problem, they will personally take the issue on board and see it through to its conclusion.

Stop wasting your time and energy trying to keep up with multiple carriers, vendors and service providers. At Now Telecom, we know that figuring out how to choose telecom providers can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful. Benefit from working with an expert who will interface with the telecom industry on your behalf. Put your telecommunications problems in our hands. Contact us today!